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Main Features of DLP

Discover the extraordinary capabilities of our state-of-the-art DLP 3D printers, offering exceptional features that deliver the pinnacle of precision and performance.

High Accuracy & Resolution

Experience unrivaled precision with Jewel3D, built on an industrial HD DLP chip, delivering high-resolution 3D printing for intricate jewellery and other applications where accuracy is paramount, with resolutions ranging from 10 to 50µm in the Z-axis.

Easy To Use

Designed to be an easy to use desktop solution, the Jewel3D makes it easy to set up your print jobs with an easy to use software that optimizes part orientation and support structures to maximize part success and throughput.

Affordable Industrial-Grade Printing

Users no longer need to compromise between part quality, print speed and affordability. The Jewel3D delivers professional-grade 3D printing at a fraction of the cost to other DLP printers, bringing the benefits of additive manufacturing into reach for all jewellery manufacturers.

Faster Print

JEWEL3D Printer is Fastest DLP 3D Printer in its range. It has Printing Speed of 100mm/hour. It provides faster batch production of jewellery.

High Precise

High repeatability rate with same dimensional output with every print makes JEWEL3D a Very prestigious team member of your business.

Direct Castable Resin

Our advanced 3D printing technology, coupled with high-quality materials, ensures Ash Free Casting, resulting in cleaner and smoother surface finishes for optimum quality casting in a wide range of applications.

Made for Jewellery Work

Jewel3D is a Professional Grade Heavy Duty DLP 3D Printer with High Resolution, High Accuracy & High Precision. Made for Production work with Open Market Material Support.

Reliable Performance & Seamless Production

Our 3D printers are built to endure the demands of continuous use, ensuring minimal downtime and consistent results.

About Us

Experience Smoother Casting: Get Started with DLP Technology.

DLP Technique is a renowned 3D printer manufacturer based in India, specializing in cutting-edge DLP (Digital Light Processing) Technology. With a strong commitment to innovation and quality, we have earned a reputation as a leading provider of advanced 3D printers in the market.

Our portfolio comprises a diverse range of 3D printers, including the highly acclaimed JEWEL3D models. The JEWEL3D DLP printer stands out as a top choice among goldsmith jewellers, custom designers, and large-scale manufacturers seeking precision 3D printing solutions for jewellery patterns destined for casting.

At DLP Technique, we take pride in the reliability of our machines. Customers can rely on our products to consistently deliver outstanding performance, minimizing downtimes and ensuring a seamless production process. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our business, from product development to customer service.

Choose DLP Technique for your 3D printing needs, and experience the pinnacle of precision and efficiency in additive manufacturing.

Our Team

Meet The Team

At DLP Technique, our team comprises passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by a common goal of pushing the boundaries of 3D printing. With expertise in engineering, support & service, and material sciences, we deliver cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled support to our valued customers.

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Any Questions? Answered

Explore commonly asked questions about DLP Technique's innovative DLP 3D printers, including the renowned JEWEL3D model, providing valuable insights and quick answers.

The JEWEL3D DLP printer is a leading choice due to its ability to produce high-quality jewelry patterns for casting, offering superior detail, precision, and a smooth surface finish that requires minimal finishing.
The JEWEL3D utilizes the reliable Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) technology from Texas Instruments, making it easy to use without requiring an expert technician for operation and maintenance.
The JEWEL3D offers a resolution of 10-50µm in the Z-axis, making it capable of producing incredibly fine features suitable for jewelry and other applications where accuracy is critical.
The JEWEL3D's advanced technology and high-quality materials result in printed jewelry with exceptional surface finishes, reducing the need for extensive post-processing.
Yes, the JEWEL3D is designed as an easy-to-use desktop solution, featuring software that simplifies print job setup, part orientation, and support structure optimization to maximize success and throughput.
The JEWEL3D provides professional-grade 3D printing at a fraction of the cost compared to other DLP printers, making additive manufacturing accessible to all jewelry manufacturers.
The JEWEL3D provides Ash-Free Casting, smooth Surface Casting, and Optimum Quality Casting support for superior pattern quality in investment casting.
JEWEL3D is a Professional Grade Heavy Duty DLP 3D Printer with High Resolution, High Accuracy, and High Precision, specially designed for jewelry production with Open Market Material Support.
JEWEL3D boasts an exceptional precision of 10 microns, making it one of the most precise DLP 3D printers available, offering high repeatability for consistent dimensional output in every print.
JEWEL3D is the fastest DLP 3D printer in its range, with a printing speed of 150mm/hour, enabling faster batch production of jewelry designs.

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